USS Montgomery: First Command

by Jane Stockwell

A young, cocky Lieutenant Commander Arienne Landy is put to the test in a battle that leaves her questioning her own abilities.  Has she put too much stock in her own perception of herself?  Is she riding on her family's reputation, or does she really have it in her to command her own ship?  The question becomes even more prevalent when she is offered command of one of the last of the Constitution class ships - the Montgomery.  Thrown in the deep end, Arienne discovers that being in command isn't all about her....

USS Montgomery

USS Montgomery

by Jane Stockwell

The Montgomery is on her way home to Earth for repairs when a distress call comes in.  For Captain Landy, it's a test of her aging ship, her cunning and leadership skills as this simple rescue mission turns into a whole lot more...

Foolish Venture

by Alei

The first in the Star Trek: Triangle series, what starts out as a run of the mill escort service for a Starfleet Intelligence Operative goes south quickly.  With the fate of the Transwarp technology in their hands, the crew of the Smith find themselves in over their heads and the only way out of their predicament is to do something truly nuts....

How Long Shall Mercy Suffer?

by Professor Augustine

Hondel sits between two Alpha Quadrant powers and doesn't know who to trust.  Having just discovered there's life beyond themselves, they put the Federation to the test.  However, for the crew of the USS Torrent, it takes them in a direction none of them wishes to go...

None But The Wise

by Professor Augustine

The USS Torrent finds anything but the usual when they survey a world that bears an uncanny resemblance to Earth.  Still in the early 21st Century, it their society bears many similarities - bar one.  The world holds an ancient, shocking secret!

One the crew of the Torrent need to keep out of the Romulans hands!

Nobody is left untouched and Captain Bradwellis left with one of the biggest, and most unexpected, challenges of his life.....

Junior Officers

by DSE Cascaddan

On the USS Pontiac, a Saladin Class Destroyer, some of the more junior officers are having a day they'd rather forget.  Fortunately, they have a crew that knows how to look after its own.

An interesting insight into the daily running of a ship of the fleet.  An entertaining read!

Plague Bound

by Ross Manuel

The crew of the USS Kokoda rush to the aid of a fellow ship, the USS Anamis when it's away mission crew come under attack.  What they discover is that nothing is as it seems and the secrets begin piling up.  Just who can they trust?

The first novella in a new series based in the time of the USS Discovery, this book will leave you guessing up until the last page.