USS Montgomery

USS Montgomery

by Jane Stockwell

The Montgomery is on her way home to Earth for repairs when a distress call comes in.  For Captain Landy, it's a test of her aging ship, her cunning and leadership skills as this simple rescue mission turns into a whole lot more...

Foolish Venture

by Alei

The first in the Star Trek: Triangle series, what starts out as a run of the mill escort service for a Starfleet Intelligence Operative goes south quickly.  With the fate of the Transwarp technology in their hands, the crew of the Smith find themselves in over their heads and the only way out of their predicament is to do something truly nuts....

Junior Officers

by DSE Cascaddan

On the USS Pontiac, a Saladin Class Destroyer, some of the more junior officers are having a day they'd rather forget.  Fortunately, they have a crew that knows how to look after its own.

An interesting insight into the daily running of a ship of the fleet.  An entertaining read!

Plague Bound

by Ross Manuel

The crew of the USS Kokoda rush to the aid of a fellow ship, the USS Anamis when it's away mission crew come under attack.  What they discover is that nothing is as it seems and the secrets begin piling up.  Just who can they trust?

The first novella in a new series based in the time of the USS Discovery, this book will leave you guessing up until the last page.