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Ghosts of the Khozi

by T. August Green

The sequel to "Night of the Raven", the story takes the newly appointed Captain Augustok and the starship Raven to a world on the edge of the Federation that, up until now, has remained largely unknown.  The last science team to come here met a tragic end.  However, the natives are not the only problem for the former Romulan Commander as he faces off with demons from his own past...

Also, there is an excellent rendering of the ships featured in this story on our Videos page, the USS Ghosthawk.

The Heart of Darkness

by Nathan Warner

Lt Dutroi of the Starfleet Investigation Division is a rising star, having brought many to justice for their failures during the Dominion War. Her Betazoid mind is sharp, as is the team she works with. Now, she's being asked to investigate a downed Klingon ship that might have been guilty of crimes against sentience! Accompanying her on this mission is a Klingon female driven by her own sense of justice....


by Nathan Warner

Lieutenant Peter Andrel may not be the bravest of Starfleet officers, but when the worst happens and he finds himself alone and adrift in a lifepod, he takes control of himself, lands on a planet, and makes a discovery that dates back to the Dominion War only a couple of years before. Just when he thinks he finds salvation, things take a turn for the worst and he finds himself aided by an unexpected ally....