Ghost Ship

by Nathan Warner

The USS Ardent investigates an unusual pulsar within a nebula and finds a long lost Galaxy-class starship within.  To all intents and purposes, it appears to be lifeless, but when the Captain and two others board her to investigate the find that her crew haven't quite left yet...

The Devil Rem

by Mark Daley

One time barber, Rem, has come along way in Starfleet.  Having studied as a security officer, Rem is soon promoted and finds himself a part of a new ship and crew.  However, fate deals him a cruel blow and before he knows it, he finds himself marooned on a barren rock, alone and hounded by those who seek his demise.  However, his tormentors find they have bitten off more then they can chew...

When Stars Collide

by Nathan Warner

The USS Thunderchild is on hand to witness an awesome event: the collision of two stars.  Naturally, things don't go as planned and the crew of this Akira class ship find themselves witnesses to a new birth...

Armageddon's Moon

by Nathan Warner

On an exploration cruise out near the galactic rim, the crew of the USS Alba encounter another Dyson Sphere. Believing their find to be ground breaking, the crew quickly find themselves wishing they'd never discovered it. Soon enough, they find that breaking the Prime Directive could be the least of their troubles...

The Parallax Incident Book One: Navis Mortum

by Ross Manuel

On a routine patrol Captain Rachel King discovers a mystery.  The USS Concordia is dark and adrift next to a freighter in a similar condition with no signs of life.  What happened?  Why does it seem the Concordia fired on the freighter?  What is the horrible secret they contain?  You'll have to read itto find out!


by Mark Daley

Life as a barber can be dreary at times, but Rem isn't just any barber.  He has dreams of becoming someone the Captain will respect and admire.  Rem finds himself in a pickle, and it will take all of his skills to prevail!

Close Encounters

by Nathan Warner

On a routine mission, Captain Riker of the USS Titan finds himself encountering something that defies logic and leaves him, and his crew, struggling to save the ship!

Fire from Heaven

by Nathan Warner

Cadet Rachel Dawson is in the middle of a solo botanical survey of a planetoid inhabited by a pre-warp society and she finds her duties delightful on this paradisiacal world. When the sky changes and things go awry, Rachel finds that time is running out for her and this little world and the truth is more horrible than she imagined!

On the Eve of Battle

by David Dietz

Since the Enterprise-D encountered the Borg, Commander Shelby has been hard at work putting together a team to ready a response.  This is their story....