Star Trek: Galloway

Through the Eyes of Tomorrow

by David Dietz with Sean O'Keefe

Set in a future where the Federation has made (some) peace with the Romulans, the crew of the USS Galloway find themselves in a battle for the future.  Subversive members of the remaining, hostile Romulan Star Empire have gained access to the Guardian of Forever.  Their aim: to ensure the Federation was never formed.  Things, fortunately don't go to plan, but before Commander Gwenn Scott can fix the past she had to face the ramifications of the changes.  It's a race against - and through - time to set things right and ensure the future is a good one for the Federation - and the Romulans, alike!

Star Trek: Titan's Frontier

by David Titley

Titan's Frontier picks up after the voyages of the USS Titan, Captained by William Riker.  Set years later, the new USS Titan-A is led by Troi and Riker's daughter, Natasha.  Their first mission is to cross the galaxy in the hopes of finding the crew of the USS Maryland, lost during the Dominion War.  Using the ship's newly installed Quantum Slipstream drive their journey is not without misadventure.  New alliances are formed a dreadful foe revealed...

David's writing style is a little different as the novel reads a lot like a script.  It's dialogue driven, with colourful characters and plenty of edge-of-your-seat action.  You'll find it a great read and well illustrated.