Project Chameleon

by Gary Pirtle, Dana Reynolds and the late Ben Steed.

Imagine a time when Starfleet decided to embrace cloaking technology - in a clandestine manner.  This document outlines the century of such a project.  It's a fascinating look at what could have been - written in a format that is not only informative, but is a useful guide for anyone wanting to write for this series.

Crisis on Detente II

by Dana Reynolds and Sean O'Keefe

Chief Arthur (Mac) MacPhearson is a man of peculiar stripes.  Now on his second career in Starfleet, he is a man with a brilliant history that is shrouded in mystery - even to himself.  Called upon to use his considerable talents to protect a treaty conference on a remote outpost, Mac finds himself in peculiarly familiar territory, faced with people who may, or may not be, friends.  Not certain who he can trust, he finds himself back to back fighting with a person who should be his enemy, against an all too common foe.....