Tarnished Reflection - Book 1

Bloody Apparitions

by Rosemarie Taylor-Perry

The Federation is at war with an insidious enemy that is driving the people of many worlds insane - and pitting them one against the other. Unseen and unknown, the crew of the USS Enterprise-B, led by Captain John Harriman, search for any tool they can use to turn the tables on their oppressors.  The search leads them first to find out what happen to the Suliban. With their captain incapacitated, it falls to XO Renee Ingram to lead them to the one place that can offer an answer, a gateway to a place beyond her imaginings!

Tarnished Reflection - Book 2

A Darkened Glass

by Rosemarie Taylor-Perry

It's War! Having returned from the Mirror Universe with a new ally, the crew of the USS Enterprise-B led by Captain Renee Ingram finally has a chance against their psionic attackers.  With the enemy on the backfoot, things do not turn out all roses for Renee, but then, things are not always what they seem....


by Rosemarie Taylor-Perry

While on shore leave Captain Ingram comes under attack from a must unusual source.  Her crew are left with a terrible question, that sometimes there is no middle ground, and all you have left is genocide...

The third book in R T-P's Enterprise-B series, this story asks questions that few have asked before...

The Enterprise-B Chronicles, Book 1


by David Dietz

The first mission of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B does not go as planned.  But this is not the Enterprise you're thinking of.  Set in a Starfleet where the ship goes to another commander and that fateful day at the Nexus never happened, we join the crew under Captain Jack Bairnson, late XO of the Excelsior under Capt Sulu.

Bairnson is having a tough time bringing together his new crew, and a ghost from the recent past haunts him as he and the crew exchange blows with the ruthless terrorist, Devorax, a cunning player who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, including political assassinations and the destruction of Starfleet's newest flagship!