Sean O'Keefe

Sean O'Keefe.

In his late forties and a resident of Victoria, Australia.  Has had short stories published and has written six Star Trek genre novels and is working on a seventh.  Has also written a action/thriller set in the here and now.  He is happily married with 5 wonderful children who are mostly grown and going off and creating their own adventures.

Other, non-Trek, books by the author can be found on or here.

D.W Cropper and Ron Cropper Jr.

DW Cropper

DW Cropper believes strongly that the optimistic philosophy of Star Trek can be a catalyst for positive change in the real world. He also appreciates good adventure stories peopled with bizarre aliens and punctuated by a few explosions. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife Maureen, where he works in accounting at the University of Kentucky and tries to find time to write on the weekends. In addition to his fanfic, he has published one collection of scary stories entitled Bonechillers: 13 Twisted Tales of Terror. He holds a BA in English from the University of Central Florida.

Ron Cropper Jr

A lifelong fan of Star Trek, Ron is very pleased to be working with his brother David on this project. Ron is dedicated to advancing the vision of Gene Roddenberry through both public policy and the arts. A native of Northern Kentucky, Ron currently lives in Covington, Kentucky. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Central Florida and a JD from Stetson University College of Law In addition to his work as a fundraising director at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, he serves on the board of directors for Falcon Theatre in Newport, Kentucky and on the board of the Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council.

Alex Villepique

Alex Villepique

I got hooked to Sci-Fi before I started elementary school. Later, I became an astrophysicist in the hope that it will bring me to space, but sadly, it did not. Being born in a tiny, impoverished country does wonders to put additional obstacles in your path. I have lived in 4 different countries, the current one being the USA. 

I have written Sci-Fi stories since my teen years and I published few in my native language. And now, decades later, I'm trying to publish stories in English. As a part of my 'writing in English' practice, I have a blog where I encourage people to use their brains. 

Stay tuned! I will write more stories.  

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Short Stories:

Geordi is My Friend

M.D. Bruffy

M.D. is a native of West Virginia and is 53 years old.  He has so far produced 4 novels and 11 graphic novels.

Dave Mitchell

Dave is a recently retired professional broadcaster with 48 years experience.  He has had an extensive career in media as a writer for two wire services including Associated Press, and has announced for several radio and TV stations including the CBS and Westwood One networks.

A prolific writer, he has penned over 30,000 radio and TV commercials (yes, you've probably heard his work) from 1966 to 2013.  He has been a fan of ST from its inception back in '66.

His other interests include Ham radio and researching the history and doctrines of various religious organizations.

A native of Lewisville, Texas, Dave is currently residing in rural Utah.

David Titley

From The West Midlands Of England, I have been a Star Trek fan from my High School Days when The Next Generation aired. I have spent many years in Her Majesty’s Prison Service where, during my down time, I began to write my first book: Star Trek: Titans Frontier. The final chapters were completed during my time traveling to Devon in South England and Benidorm, Spain. I have really enjoyed writing and look forward to continuing this story and maybe looking towards other adventures.

Dana Reynolds

A resident of California, Dana is married and works in security.  A veteran of the US Air Force, he loves Star Trek and Scottish history.  He was also the 3rd President of the USS Galant - NCC 1896 fan club in 1990.

Kim Kaplan

KJ Kaplan

Author and mother of an autistic boy. I wrote about my passion, autism, in "A Parents' Guide to Early Autism Intervention," which is a useful guide for parents who are just beginning their autism journey. Another source for autism-related information came from writing my autism-related blog on the website, This lead to another book that I recently published called, "Two Years Autism Blogs Featured on" My second published ebook is a fantasy called, "Max and The Happy Prince." Max is a crane who cannot fly, but must learn to take to the sky in order to save a town trapped by an evil witch. My third ebook is "Warsaw Freedom," the story of two Jewish women who are smuggled out of the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. I am the author of screenplays that include "Warsaw," "Max and The Happy Prince," "Winningdale," and "Mystery Shop Wedding." I am a produced screenwriter with credits "Don't Fall Asleep" (Amazon, Itunes), "Safeword" (due out in 2012), and my autism-related film short, "Autism and Cake" starring Ed Asner who plays a grandfather who struggles to accept his autistic grandson. I blog on the website weekly, tweet on @tipsautismmom, and you can find me on LinkedIn.

W.C.S. Marsh

W.C.S.Marsh, known affectionately as Bill or Billy, lives amongst the great forests and rolling farmlands of scenic Western New York State.   In his early 40s, he is a sort of “Jack-of-all-trades”, working primarily in the maintenance, construction, and farming industries of the area.  Writing has become his wintertime hobby, and to date he has completed three novels, a number of short stories, and numerous poems.  He remains undeterred by the frustrating publishing process.  A lifetime fan of all things Trek, his first true love has always been The Next Generation.


Lynda Carraher

• Lynda Carraher has been writing Star Trek fan fiction since the late 1970s, concentrating almost exclusively on TOS. Now retired, she lives in eastern Oregon with her husband of many years. When not indulging in All Things Trek, she also designs and creates custom knitwear.

April L. Payne

Born and raised in So. CA, recently moved to UT. Married, 40 years, mother of three, grandmother of seven, soon to be eight. Writer, newly-published by Trek United. Family Historian/Genealogist. Ruptured brain aneurysm survivor — haven't tried my hand at drawing again, since


Edward McArdle.  

I am a retired school teacher. Taught for 33 years, retired for about 23. Play a lot of tennis, read on Vision Australia radio.


Or Not To Be

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Heather Smyth

Heather Smyth.

I’m in my mid fifties, happily married to a wonderful bloke and we have two adult children, both married, two grandchildren and one gorgeous old golden Labrador. I live in Healesville, Vic. in a semi-rural setting. I’ve been writing Star Trek TNG fan fiction for about 20 years and I tend to concentrate on Picard/Crusher.

I enjoy writing, I read voraciously and I like to walk. I have an embarrassing crush on Sir Patrick Stewart. Ha! But having been the recipient of a kiss and a hug from the man...can you blame me?
More of Heather's work can be found at:

Professor Augustine*

A native or Carbondale, Illinois who enjoys model building and is a student of alternative history.  A fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Conan Doyle and other classic writers.  How Long Shall Mercy Suffer? is his first published work.

*a pseudomym.