For Dawn of a New Millennium:

From Corey Hullen of Adelaide, South Australia:
Having just read Dawn of a New Millennium, I can honestly say, I can't wait for more! Sean O'keefe's writing skills are brilliant. From reading D of a NM, I can clearly see the characters in my mind, not just physically, but also their personalities. It's also quite clear Sean's in depth knowledge of Star Trek, as his own story is interwoven with some of the characters and events from Star Treks past. Truly a delight to read. I encourage ANY Star Trek fan to read Sean's work. Well done Sean. I look forward to your next work with Piper, Merete, Sarda, Scanner and the rest of Millenniums crew...!

For Lost and Found:

From Corey Hullen of Adelaide, South Australia:

Sean has done it again! Millenniums crew are put to the test in this new novel, Lost and Found. Seans writing delves deeper into each characters personality. The storyline had me flipping the pages to see what was going to happen next and how they were going to survive. There were extremely well written "dark moments" for a few of the characters, and at one point I even had a tear in my eye and felt myself saying "NOOOO!". Congratulations on another well written novel Sean! Waiting in anticipation for the next one...!

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