Existence is made up of numerous planes of reality. The common term used by both philosophers and scientists for this 'stack of life' is "Multiverse".

Nova Trek    

On one of these planes of existence, the USS Enterprise sails the stars under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.
     But, on another, nearby plane, the FSS Enterprise sets forth under the command of Captain Janet Tamera Kirk.

"Space, the Final Frontier. This is the voyage of the Federal Starship Enterprise. Her  mission: To seek out new life and new civilizations, to defend and bring justice to the farthest reaches of the Federal Union of Planets- and above all else, to Boldly go where none have gone before."

  Nova Trek: A Universe away from the one you knew.

Gains and Losses

Book 1: Gains and Losses.

by M.D. Bruffy

Captain Janet Tamera Kirk and the crew of the FSS Enterprise join forces with the Klingons in order to stop attacks on the border colonies. But will the price of their alliance be more than Jan can afford?

This is the book where it all began!

Guardian's Child

Book 2: Guardian's Child.

by M.D. Bruffy

Visions of an alternate life plague freighter captain Janet Kirk as time itself is twisted out of line by an old enemy.

Assignment: Yesterday

Book 3: Assignment: Yesterday

by M.D. Bruffy

Tamera and Jan go back in time for an unplanned reunion with Colonel Fellini and Gary Seven as they uncover a Romulan plat to destroy the future.

Another Step Toward War

Book 4: Another Step Toward War

by M.D. Bruffy

A friend of Jan's is assigned to the Enterprise while trying to deal with a tragic past.

A Tale of Two Captains Pt.1

Book 5: A Tale of Two Captains Pt. 1

by M.D. Bruffy

A man from another plane of existence that looks like her late brother- A Romulan Commander bringing news of an impending invasion- Jan has to decide who to trust and who to believe.

A Tale of Two Captains Pt.2

Book 6: A Tale of Two Captains Pt.2

by M.D. Bruffy

Jan and the Romulan Commander go into Imperial space to recover information that could stop the invasion. This leaves the Enterprise under the command of a man from another plane of existence. A man named Kirk- James T. Kirk.

A Tale of Two Captains Pt.3

Book 7: A Tale of Two Captains Pt.3

by M.D. Bruffy

The Romulan invasion fleet arrives to find the Enterprise holding the line. Can Jan and her crew hold on till help arrives- or will they be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice?

The Nova Trek story continues in "Treasures" which is found here under Novels.
Special Report

Book 8: Special Report

by M.D. Bruffy

Over an eighteen month period, while the Enterprise is repaired and rebuilt, Jan and the crew deal with issues both personal and professional.

The Nova Trek story continues in the 2nd novel: Timespot.  You can find it under Novels/Nova Trek.
Last Voyage of the Sundown

Book 9: Last Voyage of the Sundown

by M.D. Bruffy

For Twenty-Two years, the fate of the FSS Sundown has been a mystery. Now, two years into the Second Romulan War, solving that mystery is only part of the story.

An Empire to Build

Book 10: An Empire to Build.

by M.D. Bruffy

On temporary assignment, the crew of the Enterprise discover that the sins of the past don't always stay buried.

The Nova Trek story continues with the novel: Ventures: The Live and Times of Shev Ta'laren.
  You can find it under Novels/Nova Trek.
On The Homefront

Book 11: On the Homefront

by M.D. Bruffy

The Enterprise-B is on it's third tour when it's attacked by Romulan Militants. Now, with his godson among the prisoners, Colonel Kang swears vengeance.

The Nova Trek story is continued in the novel: Janet Kirk: Times Past and Present.
  You can find it under Novels/Nova Trek.

Book 12: Thelen

by M.D. Bruffy

Thelen has spent most of her career as a Starship Captain. Now, she carries a secret that could end that career- if an old enemy doesn't kill her first.

Book 13: Beginning's End

by M.D. Bruffy

Starship Captain...Grand Admiral...Union President...Diplomat. For over one hundred years, she has dedicated her life to preserving and protecting the Union. Now, she steps forward one last time, for one final voyage..

The Nova Trek story is concluded in the novel "Revelations" which is found here.