Nights in White Satin

by Sean O'Keefe 2016

Set during the events of Fractured: Shock Wave, Piper Silayna dreams of her life in the timeline created by Nero's destruction of the Kelvin and how a turn of events brought her to be the woman she became.


by Sean O'Keefe 2016

Doctor Merete AndrusTaurus has returned to Altair IV for a visit to her family with her new babies but things go very wrong.....

Voyage of the Sparrow Hawk

by Merfilly

On the shakedown cruise of the diminutive starship Sparrow Hawk, Piper and crew find themselves faced with a mystery and are left with more questions than answers.

Expectations. by Reyka Sivao

Spock comes to an undecided Sarda with a choice regarding this future.  (Set during his academy days or shortly after).

Four Friendships and a Team.

by Reyka Sivao

Set during their early days, this collection of five short stories examines the Millennium crew's firstencounters with one another and what brought them together as one of Starfleet's most formidable teams.

Interpersonal Dynamics. by Merfilly

Set shortly after the original books, it provides an awesome snapshot into Piper and Sarda's early relationship...

Arrived and Dispatched.

By Sean O'Keefe 2012

Set between the second and third books (Lost and Found & What We Learn From History) this short story is set on Mars where the Millennium's pilot and security chiefs have to find a saboteur who is trying to destroy New Miramar and the pilots training there.

Changing Course. By Sean O'Keefe 2013

The story of how Piper met her chief of Pilots, Caitlin "Ghost" Ryan, and how fate changed the course of her life.

All Things Being Equal, I'd Rather Be In Vegas.
by Sean O'Keefe 2013

Set just after the events in "What We Learn From History" Scanner finds things are harder than he thought living on Cait.  He finds prejudice comes in many varieties and is appalled to find some of them in his own home!  When terrorism strikes at the good Queen Faith, he finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy to destabilize the government and turn back the clock to a darker hour....