Kris Rogen Strikes Back!

Thanks to the amazing KJ Kaplan, we have ourselves another gem in the form of the second episode in the Kris Rogen series. 

The daughter of Jean-Luc Picard (not by choice), Kris Rogen is a person of amazing abilities and powers.  Having taken a sabbatical from her duties aboard the Enterprise, Kris finds herself moving from world to world, finding that something is lacking.  There is a need growing within her, one that won't be silenced.  What she doesn't know is that the Universe has its own plans for the talented young woman, but even one as powerful as she needs help.  Who better than the crew of the USS Enterprise?

You can find this amazing new novel here.

Deep Space 9 Has Landed!

Never thought you'd hear that said?

That's OK, I can't picture it, either.

However, the news is excellent!  A new author has joined our ranks, James Ballow, who has given us his excellent novella: Ikon: Sisko's Passion.  This story excellently bookends the series and leaves us with the question of: if I could go back in time and save a loved one, would I? Should I? What would the ramifications be?

An excellent read, you can find it here.

The Return of the Borg!

I'd like to welcome the wonderful Alex Villepique to our growing stable of authors and, thanks her creative talents, we have a brand new short story from the Next Generation that explores the possible consequences of the Enterprise's encounter with Hugh.  Well worth the read!  You can find it here.

Congratulations, Alex, on a wonderful story!  Keep them coming!

A New Series Begins!

With the advent of another prequel series (Discovery) taking us places that are all too familiar, it's nice to be able to deliver a new series of novels that dare to go beyond the Next Generation.

David Titley has given us a new novel based on the continuing voyages of the Starship Titan.  Set in a blooming age of Quantum Slipstream Drive, the Universe expands and David takes us to the far side of the Gamma Quadrant in search of the USS Maryland, lost on the far side of Dominion territory during the war.  Their voyage is frought with trials, both physical and mental, and the price is sometimes high.  In the end, new friends are made and foes faced.  The Final Frontier just got a whole lot bigger!

You can find Star Trek: Titan's Frontier here.  It's fast paced and reads a lot like a script for a movie, but you'll find you just can't put it down!

The Wait is Over!

Well, not quite.  For fans of the Millennium series, Sean O'Keefe has brought us a short story from the Fractured series: Nights in White Satin.

As Piper Silayna dreams, she recalls her past and the events that helps shape her.  You can find this appetizer here.

For those of you who are waiting for the final installment of the Fractured series, be assured Sean is working on it.

New Nova Trek!

Just when we'd thought that Madison had put his Nova Trek universe out for it's final voyage, he comes along with this blockbuster straight from another Mirror Universe!  As Janet Kirk proves herself worthy of Captaining the S.C. Enterprise she finds foes in unexpected places.  In a world where it's literally kill-or-be-killed Janet will have to  use all her wiles to keep her ship.... and her life!

You can find it here.

New Author and a New Novel!

TFF wants to give a warm welcome to WCS Marsh who has brought us his labour of love: Yesterday's Enterprise: One Little Ship.  It chronicles the story of the Enterprise-C in her final days before her fateful mission to Narendra III.  An excellent book and a must read!  You can find it here.

New Novel Series!

DW Cropper and Ron Cropper Jr have brought us the continuing story of a sadly overlooked character - Dr M'Benga.  Star Trek Continues has thoughtfully revived his character, and the Croppers have shown us what became of him after the Enterprise's five year mission.  Click here to read the first in a new series: Star Trek: The Quality of Mercy.  Their book, A Call for Mercy, is an excellent addition to the ever expanding universe of Star Trek.

Also, for the first time, this book is release in three formats: ePub, PDF and Mobi.  Mobi files are compatible with Kindle devices, giving you, our readers, more flexibility.  Watch for more of our novels being converted to this popular format.

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For those of you using Kindles you will be delighted to know What We Learn From History, Fractured 1 & 2 and Shoot the Messenger are now available in MOBI format.  Just download them and copy them onto your Kindle reader.  If you're like me and you've got a Kindle reader program on your Smartphone or device, click here for advice on how to upload it to your Amazon account.

No Good Deed...

Based on the adventures of Captain Rachel Garrett and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C.

The Enterprise has voyaged to the world of Persephone where they find a dwindling population of people who remind them of humans.  Were they originally human?  Where did they come from?  How did they get here?  What is slowly killing them?

And why is Captain Rachel Garrett accused of breaking the Prime Directive over them?  In this peculiar situation she is faced with the question: Are there exceptions to the Prime Directive?

Click on the link above or you can find it under: USS ENTERPRISE-C.