Existence is made up of numerous planes of reality. The common term used by both philosophers and scientists for this 'stack of life' is "Multiverse".

On one of these planes of existence, the USS Enterprise sails the stars under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. But, on another, nearby plane, the FSS Enterprise sets forth under the command of Captain Janet Tamera Kirk. "Space, the Final Frontier. This is the voyage of the Federal Starship Enterprise. Her mission: To seek out new life and new civilizations, to defend and bring justice to the farthest reaches of the Federal Union of Planets- and above all else, to Boldly go where none have gone before."

Nova Trek: A Universe away from the one you knew.


Nova Trek: Treasures

by M.D. Bruffy

Following the events in "A Tale of Two Captains", Commander Kang finds himself in a position to complete the alliance that Chancellor Gorkon wants. But Klingon Ambassador Kochon is dead set against it. Kang has fought and won many battles in his years of service to the Empire. Can he survive this one long enough to complete his mission or will his own people be the death of him?

The events in this story take place between the Graphic Novels "A Tale of Two Captains" and "Special Report", which can be found here.


Nova Trek 2: Timespot.

by M.D. Bruffy

Tam's first mission aboard the Georgetown could be her last as the crew discovers a world where the natives are frozen in time. Can the crew free them or will they become trapped themselves? This story takes place during the events in "Special Report", which can be found here.


Nova Trek 3: Ventures: The Life and Times of Shev Ta'Laren

by M.D. Bruffy

It's been one year since the end of the Second Romulan War and Shev's been promoted to captain of the Venture-A. Now, she must face up to her past as old enemies return and the crew of the Venture finds themselves fighting to prevent a new war!

The events in this novel take place between the Graphic Novels "An Empire to Build" and "On the Homefront", which can be found here.

Janet Kirk

Nova Trek 4: Janet Kirk: Times Past and Present

by M.D. Bruffy

In the Sixth Month of her presidency, Jan agrees to sit down with Tamera and Amanda to record an oral history of her life. For the first time, she breaks her silence about her tour as Captain of the Enterprise. Jan talks about the missions, people and the places she's seen. About how she got the Enterprise- and almost lost her! Jan tells the tale as crisis both private and public threaten to derail her presidency before it can even begin.

The events in this novel take place after the Graphic Novel "On the Homefront" which can be found here.

Nova Trek Revelations

Nova Trek 5: Revelations

by M.D. Bruffy

'Rest Easy, Sis. Your job's done.'

With those words, the story of Janet Kirk came to an end.

Or did it?

Six months later, Tamera Kirk is having dreams about her sister. But are they dreams or something else? From Past to Present, from one end of the Alpha Quadrant to the other, facts that have laid in the shadows for a hundred years are dragged into the light as the Borg return to find they have new enemies - enemies that don't like to lose.

Nova Trek: Altered Lives - The Trilogy

by M.D. Bruffy

There are four stories in this book. Three of them- "The Joining", "Broken Deals" and "Starship Lost" deal with events in the altered timeline presented in "NTB2: Guardian's Child". The fourth story- "Crisis on Felecia" was originally intended to be part of the graphic novel storyline.

Mirror Image

by M.D. Bruffy

Most of the canon Star Trek series have their Mirror Universe.  Welcome to Nova Trek's.  M.D. has brought us a novella Machiavelli would be proud of, with twists and turns everywhere.  Who can you trust?  Choose your allies wisely.....

Three Queens and the Ace of Spades

by M.D. Bruffy

A crossover of three of Madison's series, it brings together three feisty women whose leadership and skills are required to stop a renegade Romulan fleet from not only invading another reality, but inadvertently bringing about the destruction of all of them!