1. Dawn of a New Millennium

Author: Sean O'Keefe 2010

Piper has come a long way since her time serving on the original USS Enterprise under Captain James T Kirk. (Dreadnought! and Battlestations! by Diane Carey)
Although she and her friends went different ways for a time, she served with distinction as the First Officer of the USS Hood under the then Captain Smillie (who would go on to become the C-in-C) before taking command of the Constitution-class USS Exeter for a five year mission of her own.  Upon her return to Earth she was offered the new USS Ingram - a ship with more than one secret.  She quickly changed its name and, with her old friends once more ably assisting her, she found herself thrown immediately in the deep end - a plot to destabilise the fragile peace between the Federation and Romulus. Can Piper figure out what is going on before time runs out?

2. Lost and Found

Author: Sean O'Keefe 2012

After sustaining significant damage during a savage Tholian attack whilst coming to the rescue of the USS Hathaway, the USS Millennium is forced to undergo repairs in orbit of a world with many secrets - including the fate of George Samuel Kirk!

As the crew are separated by a malignant enemy and thrust into unusual environments each must survive on their own wits and decide for themselves what price they are willing to pay for it....

Lessons are learned, lives are changed and nobody is left untouched!

3. What We Learn From History

by Sean O'Keefe 2013

The USS Millennium travels to the fringe world of Cait carrying Federation Ambassador Susanna Carra - a female with a mission - to stop that world's slide out of the Federation.  Rumors of abductions, forced internment, and even summary executions need to be addressed.

The notions are in stark contrast to the planet itself.  Cait is populated by a race of sentient leonine felines and is home to the Millennium's Krashtallash and his sister, Amantallash.  Their homecoming is bittersweet as they face not only their pasts, but a future for their world that is dire.  

With Captain Piper facing trouble on all sides, her valiant crew is divided yet faced with a single purpose.  With deceit and even terrorism wreaking havoc on this once peaceful gem, can they save Cait from not only itself, but an unexpected danger from a direction that is completely unexpected.....?

This is Sean's most ambitious work yet.  Involving love, hate, gain, loss, political correctness and a government run amok, this epic novel asks the question: why does history seem to repeat itself?

4. Fractured

Book 1. What Must Be

by Sean O'Keefe 2013

The first in a trilogy of novels that deal with the repercussions of Nero's voyage back in time.  Did he simply change history, or leave it irrevocably FRACTURED?

The starship Millennium has been tasked with discovering the cause of a series of anomalies that seem to have their focus on the planet of the Guardian of Forever.  Upon arrival, Piper finds herself shifting between different timelines and even meeting an alternate version of herself!  With the fate of the Universe in their hands, both Captains Piper find that the only way to save the future is to travel into the past and either change it, or become a part of it and create What Must Be!

5. Fractured

Book 2. Shock Wave

By Sean O'Keefe 2013

With Captain Piper and the U.S.S. Millennium missing, it falls to her Second Officer, Krashtallash, Scanner, Manny and their friends, with their starship, the U.S.S. Jolly Roger, to find them.  However, it becomes clear that the missing starship is the least of the Federation's problems as space is filling with time distortion fields that are making space travel hazardous, and, if continued unchecked, will not only shut it down but eventually destroy the galaxy!

Their journey takes them to a familiar monolith and they find that sometimes the only way forward is to go back - in time!

Once reunited, they find the cost to defeating Nero and restoring the timeline incredibly high.  With the fate of the galaxy weighing on their every move, can the two Pipers lead their band to success?

6. Shoot the Messenger!

by Sean O'Keefe 2014

The U.S.S. Millennium is on a mercy mission to Epsilon Scorpius III where they find a long forgotten colony of Fundamentalist Mormons.  They are led by an immortal, one they call the "Prophet", who rules with an iron fist.  Considering they have no treaty with the people of this world, Piper finds her hands tied despite the climbing death toll....