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Kris Rogen - Episode 1

by KJ Kaplan

A new member of the USS Enterprise D, Kris has a secret.  In fact, more than one!  The nature of who she is, what she is, will change everything - and bring the wrath of the Q Continuum down on their heads!

Kris Rogen - Episode 2

by KJ Kaplan

Life is about to get even more complex for the already complicated Kris Rogen.  Going where you want, when you want, has its advantages, but what is this need that is growing inside her? 
With great power comes great responsibility, and Kris, Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise is about to find out just how great it is....

Yesterday's Enterprise:

One Little Ship

by W.C.S. Marsh

One Little Ship is the first of three novels that chronicle the adventures of the Enterprise-C in the five years leading up to their fateful encounter with the Enterprise-D in the alternate timeline.  This first instalment covers Captain Garrett’s harrowing two week patrol of the Klingon Border that culminated in the critical Battle of Narenda III.  She could not know that this all-too-important battle would ultimately save the next generation from certain destruction.


"Thelen" and "Q Esquire".

by M.D. Bruffy

As Captain of the Constitution, Thelen has served the Federation for many years. But now, even as she brings the Constitution to the assistance of the Enterprise, she carries a secret that could end her career. As Cardassians threaten new trouble, will Starfleet force her to step down or will the Cardassians kill her first?

Or Not To Be. by Edward McArdle 

What if Commander Riker and Data were thrown back in time 65 million years?  What possible reason could the Romulans have for plotting such an event?  And will they be happy with the results?

The Girl Who Knew Too Much.

by Edward McArdle.

An assassin is loosed on the Starship Enterprise.  She has secrets - the chief of which is her reluctance to even being one in the first place!