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Star Trek/Dickess: Where No Dregan Has Gone Before

by M.D. Bruffy

A Threat to every Federation world brings the best of two realities together. But will their combined efforts be enough for the Federation to survive?

House of Mirrored Faces

by Lynda Carraher

Bowing to the wishes and political maneuverings of T'Pau, Spock has wed the daughter of the Earth ambassador to Vulcan, Dr. Lara Merritt, and they returrn to the Enterprise. But McCoy can see that Lara is trouble ... and time proves him right.

Reflections of Honor

by Lynda Carraher

Vulcan has seceded from the Federation and formed a Republic with other worlds. They are all at war with the Federation and the Romulans have attacked, as well.  Spock's loyalties have seemingly gone with his home planet ... or have they?

The Gift

by Lynda Carraher

Spock hasn't come to grips with this new Captain of his and isn't sure he wants to. Now, on one of their first missions together, the First Officer finds himself having to set aside his Vulcan inhibitions in order to save Kirk's life.

The Incident

Night Whispers 1: The Incident

by April L. Payne

In the midst of a Vulcan ritual, the Time-honored k'Matra, Spock unwittingly meets his future bride through a metaphysical encounter. Normally celebrated, it is used against him instead, sending T'Pau, Matriarch of the House of Talek Sen Dene, into crisis mode. Was it the rare occurring Kiftiri (Destiny), as claimed, or had T'Pau's great-grandson cleverly manipulated the circumstances to his own advantage?

Already a son of Sarek's has disgraced the Family. Has Spock done the same? In a time of civil and political unrest, High Councilor, T'Pau, had to be certain. Her House could ill-afford the scandal …

The Deception

Night Whispers 2: The Deception

by April L. Payne

All is not well between Spock and Brianna Cantrell, as anticipated, upon their meeting. She arrives aboard the Enterprise, fully aware she is a bride and prepared to meet her would be groom, interacting with the Vulcan first officer on two levels. Spock, also, is prepared to meet his intended. However, unlike Brianna, Spock is unaware of what she is to him. Instead, tensions between them escalate. All the while, Brianna’s nemesis, Sarkal is doing all he can to sabotage the tenuous bondlink that should lead to their marriage.

Can Spock and Brianna resolve their differences in time to combat the terrorists' threat? Is reconciliation possible, or is it their Fate to remain painfully trapped in what is more than a mindmeld but less than a marriage? Wanting but never being able to have …

The Confrontation

Night Whispers 3: The Confrontation

by April L. Payne

The Enterprise arrives at the rendezvous point just hours ahead of schedule only to learn the T’Mir has experienced a slight delay. 24 hours — is that enough time for Spock and Brianna to patch things up between them? Or, just enough time for Sarkal to succeed in destroying what is left of their fragile, fragmented link?

In this on-going power struggle, which House will prevail?