The continuing missions of the new USS Millennium (pictured above), Captain Piper, her First Officer Sarda, Chief Medical Officer Merete AndrusTaurus and Chief Engineer Judd "Scanner" Sandage.  They are joined by Lieutenant Krashtallash (Communications) and his sister Lieutenant Amantallash (Security), feuding feline siblings from the planet Cait.  The ship's pilot, Jason Nunn from Australia is assisted by the Navigator, Carman Valstro of Alpha Centauri.
With a crew consisting of people from a wide assortment of species, this is one of the Federation's most diverse crews. We have Andorians, Argelians and even a Horta!
The series is set in the late 23rd Century, with the Millennium's launch coming only about a week after the Enterprise-A.  Their first mission coincides with the events featured in Star Trek V.
The Millennium herself is a variation of the Excelsior-class, the Ingram.  One of the largest starships created by the Utopia Planitia shipyards it carries an extended shuttle bay that houses a squadron of fighters.  It also sports Starfleet's only cloaking device.  Blueprints for the ship can be found at:

The author of "Dawn of a New Millennium", Sean O'Keefe, created this series twenty years ago after falling in love with the characters from Diane Carey's novels "Dreadnought!" and "Battlestations!".  It was originally intended to be the story of the crew of the Enterprise-B  but Star Trek: Generations put that idea in the bin.  Since then, the original novel has gone through a number of re-writes and the final draft is here for all to enjoy.  Two more novels have been penned; "Lost and Found" and "What We Learn From History", which have been released her for all to enjoy.  There are also a number of short stories available on this site.



Piper.  Captain.  45 years old, experienced human from Proxima Beta.  5'10" tall with honey-blonde hair (which she admits comes out of a bottle) and emerald green eyes (which she had altered), she is extremely fit and a master of the Andorian martial art Scheel-Tah. She is a master swordsman, and has a wit just as sharp.  A student of history and is one determined to learn from past mistakes.  Apprenticed under Captain James T. Kirk on the original USS Enterprise.


Sarda.  Commander, First Officer.  Similarly aged to Piper, a native of Vulcan.  Only slightly taller than Piper with oddly brassy hair, he is fiercely loyal to her even though her often finds her humanity baffling.  He is an outcast from his pacifist family and people due to his talents with weaponry. 


Judd "Scanner" Sandage.  Lieutenant Commander, Chief Engineer.  In his mid-forties himself, Judd is a gifted engineer who calls Piper by her first name and gets away with it purely because he is disarming and thoroughly reliable.  He is not afraid to voice his opinion to the Captain, even if it's contrary to her ideas of what should be.  A native of Tennessee.

Dr Merete AndrusTaurus

Dr. Merete AndrusTaurus.  Lieutenant Commander, Chief Medical Officer.  Of the Palkeo Est from Altair Four.  A tortured childhood left this passionate woman with a need to fix the universe - one patient at a time.  A pacifist by nature, she nonetheless is willing to fight to preserve any life - even if it's that of her enemy.  As such, although she comes across as almost timid at times, she has a core of sheer concrete that cannot be broken. 


Krashtallash.  Lieutenant, Communications Officer.  A six-foot, black, leonine feline from Cait on the Federation's fringe, he has served with Piper for some time and is a tactical genius.  He, too, has a childhood he'd rather forget due to his people's prejudices.


Amantallash.  Lieutenant, Security.  Krashtallash's twin, although white furred.  Carries a chip on her shoulder towards her brother.  She is a fierce warrior and gifted psychic.  Spoiled as a child, it shows from time to time especially as her brother is technically her superior.

 Jason Nunn.  Lieutenant, Helm.  Young, weedy, impetuous and given to practical jokes, he is also a brilliant pilot.  Keeps an antique .303 rifle in his quarters and likes to keep a Derringer in his sock on away missions.

Carman Valastro.  Lieutenant, Navigation.  Thirty years old, handsome grecian in appearance and older than his years.  Lost his wife and unborn child in a flitter accident five years before and still carries the loss.  Acts as a big brother to Jason and does his best to keep the younger man out of trouble.

Brankovian.  Lieutenant, Security.  A brilliant security officer and deductionist, he hails from Andoria and often sees beyond the obvious.

Earhaht.  Ensign.  A Horta from Janus VI, Earhaht is capable and ready for anything.  For all her tough exterior, she carries a heart of pure marshmallow.
USS Ingram-class blueprints