In keeping with Gene Roddenberry's original vision of Star Trek, it is my intention to keep the content of this website family friendly.  As a kid, I remember watching Star Trek on Saturday mornings and being enthralled by the stories of people and their adventures on other worlds and dealing with and experiencing the cultures of others.  They were able to do this without undue swearing or gratuitous sex or violence.  So, please keep these notions in mind when submitting your work for publication.

Be advised that I may make suggestions to improve your layout or punctuation/spelling mistakes.  I won't do so, however, without the author's consent.  These pieces are your work, not mine, and they should reflect your ideas.

As TFF is a labour of love for me, and I wish to continue my own works of fiction, I want to make it understood that from 2018 on I will ask for a modest fee for editing submitted works.  I am happy to do so, but I have recently spent so much time preparing other's works for publication that I've had little time for my own.

Costs for editing are: Short stories: $20AUS.  Novellas: $40AUS.  Novels: $60AUS.  Payment can me made via bank transfer or Paypal.

If you're willing to do your own editing, that's great.  Just please remember that every story published on TFF will be expected to be of the highest, professional standard.  As webmaster, I have the final say on each work that is posted here.  Please pay close attention to the layout below and remember, punctuation is everything.


On TFF, we try to stick with two of the most commonly used ebook formats: ePub and PDF. I have added some useful hints on how to make your ebook presentable for this site. Any suggestions on improving these would be appreciated and I would be happy to add them here. PDF: In your word processor, format the page for A6 in size and reduce your margins to 0.2cm. Try to use a reading friendly font like Arial or Times New Roman with a size about 11-12. Output your Word doc as a PDF using a PDF printer program, or if you're using Apache Openoffice Writer, simply press the PDF button. ePub: I've done some research and the any converter that's available as an add-on for MS Word is simply expensive. What I do is use Apache OpenOffice Writer with a nifty ePub converter add-on I've found here:

Once installed, you'll find 3 new icons on your screen.  They're fairly easy to operate.  Just remember to add your name, title and whether there's a cover to the doc.  Also, the converter will create a Table of Contents if you've highlighted your Chapters by marking each one as a Heading.  Once you've done all this the converter will punch out an ePub  file in the same directory as the original with the same name, simply with an .epub extension.

Once You've Done That....

Once you've got your story ready, please send it to me at:  I'll get to it as quickly as I can.

Keep on writing and sharing your wildest dreams with us at TFF!
Thank you,