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Skin Deep

by David Creighton

Time passes by faster than we would care to admit.  When one is near the end of the road, possibilities can be considered that can take us places we would never have considered otherwise.....

A Civilized Man  

by Lynda Carraher

Visiting a non-human friend on an occupied planet, McCoy finds himself in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the planet's conquering race.

Curses Jihkarr, Foiled Again!

by Lynda Carraher

Chekov gets caught with the wrong woman and has an ancient curse laid on him.  Unfortunately, it seems to work -- on everyone who comes into contact with him!

The Firefly Factor

by Lynda Carraher

The strange little ship they'd encountered seemed to be an unmanned drone ... but something odd has been happening to Captain Kirk since they'd brought it aboard.

The Hook by Lynda Carraher

Young Cadet Spock and a fellow student are on a camping mission. Naturally, when you sit around the campfire at night, you tell ghost stories...

More than a Starsong.

by Lynda Carraher

Scott has the unwelcome task of returning the personal items of a fallen comrade to the man's widow. He hasn't bargained for the reception he receives.

One Bridge Out of Limbo.

by Lynda Carraher

Sarek is aghast upon learning the sacrifices Kirk and his crew have made in order to rescue Spock from Genesis.

A Partnership of Lions.

by Lynda Carraher

The Lyrans want into the Federation and they want command positions in Starfleet ... but they'll have to prove themselves first.

A Purchase Worth the Price

by Lynda Carraher

An epic Vulcan poem telling a little known tale of Surak and his times.

Termites in the Captain's Log

by Lynda Carraher

So, have you ever wondered why the Enterprise is always "the only ship close enough" or if anything ever happens anywhere else in the Federation?

Invitation to the Dance

by Lynda Carraher

This prequel to the novel "House of Mirrored Faces" we see how Spock and Lara met and the dance began....


by Lynda Carraher

This novel takes place in the "House of Mirrored Faces" universe and its placing is directly after the events in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. 

Spock returns to his wife after a personal revelation and it leads to interesting possibilities....

An Uplifting Tale

by Lynda Carraher

Scotty and Chekov  find themselves at a sci-fi con in Earth's past, searching for Kirk's great-great-great-etc. grandmother. But how to find her among all these women?

Who Was That Lady I Saw You With?

by Lynda Carraher

A notorious practical joker is on the loose and rumor has it that he's aboard the Enterprise ... and set to steal something valuable that belongs to Kirk.


by Lynda Carraher

From Lynda's House of MIrrored Faces series comes the moment any wife dreads: the death of her spouse...