Geordi is My Friend. by Alex Villepique

While on temporary assignment to DS6, the station comes under attack by the Borg. During the fightGeordi and Dr Crusher discover a peculiar legacy of their encounter with Hugh....

Almost Gone. by Heather Smyth

Picard surprises his new flame, Beverly Crusher, with a driving holiday on a world that resembles the late 20th Century.  All goes well until a horrible accident leaves them both fighting for life.....

Safe Haven. by Heather Smyth.

A vacation to a beautiful ocean world goes horribly wrong for Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher. Meanwhile, the crew of the Enterprise-E have their hands full aiding the colonists of a world wracked by earthquakes....

Collective Reflections.mp3

Collective Reflections.

by Sean O'Keefe 2013

When Seven of Nine and Captain Picard have a chance meeting at a Borg symposium they reflect on their memories of the Collective...

This book is available in four formats: pdf, epub (for ebook readers) and MP3 Audio Books for either online streaming or download.

Seeking Solace.  by Heather Smyth

On the Starship Enterprise-D it's clear Wesley Crusher has an attitude problem. He won't talk to his mother. He's abusing anybody who tries to get close. So, what's eating Wesley Crusher? (Contains some offensive language.)

Riflessioni Sul Collettivo da Sean O'Keefe 2013

Tradotto da Edelweiss O'Keefe 2014

Quando Sette di Nove e Capitano Picard si incontrano ad un simposio di Borg loro riflettono sulle loro ricordi del Collettivo.

Questo libro รจ in due configurazioni: PDF ed ePub. Gratuito.