USS Enterprise-D at the Amergosa Observatory
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Almost Gone. by Heather Smyth

Picard surprises his new flame, Beverly Crusher, with a driving holiday on a world that resembles the late 20th Century.  All goes well until a horrible accident leaves them both fighting for life.....

Safe Haven.pdf Safe Haven.pdf
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Safe Haven
by Heather Smyth.

A vacation to a beautiful ocean world goes horribly wrong for Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher.  Meanwhile, the crew of the Enterprise-E have their hands full aiding the colonists of a world wracked by earthquakes....

Collective Reflections.pdf Collective Reflections.pdf
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Collective Reflections.mp3

Collective Reflections. by Sean O'Keefe 2013

When Seven of Nine and Captain Picard have a chance meeting at a Borg symposium they reflect on their memories of the Collective...

This book is available in four formats: pdf, epub (for ebook readers) and MP3 Audio Books for either online streaming or download.
Seeking Solace by Heather Smyth.pdf Seeking Solace by Heather Smyth.pdf
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Seeking Solace. by Heather Smyth

On the Starship Enterprise-D it's clear Wesley Crusher has an attitude problem.  He won't talk to his mother.  He's abusing anybody who tries to get close.  So, what's eating Wesley Crusher?
(Contains some offensive language.)