Collective Reflections.mp3

Collective Reflections.

by Sean O'Keefe 2013

When Seven of Nine and Captain Picard have a chance meeting at a Borg symposium they reflect on their memories of the Collective...

This story comes in four formats: pdf, epub (for ebook readers), and in Audio book format (mp3) for download or online streaming.

Riflessioni Sul Collettivo da Sean O'Keefe 2013

Tradotto da Edelweiss O'Keefe 2014

Quando Sette di Nove e Capitano Picard si incontrano ad un simposio di Borg loro riflettono sulle loro ricordi del Collettivo.

Questo libro รจ in due configurazioni: PDF ed ePub.Gratuito.

The Path of Most Resistance.mp3

The Path of Most Resistance

by Sean O'Keefe 2014

Set the very day before she took command of the USS Voyager, Commander Kathryn Janeway is faced with a fateful choice that may change the path of her life and lead her to a completely different destiny....